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Green Fairy Close Up by YorukoChikokoro

this is fantastic i must say great work wait what am i saying you always do great work i expect nothing less only more of you. it has n...

KesiLegend Pencil Bust Commission 1 of 2 by YorukoChikokoro

kind of bland but has nicely drawn features. the detail must have required a lot of practice with a pencil and or other writing utensil...

The Death by Elsouille

dark brandon: I've known death for a long time and i must say your representation to say this.... close but not quite all ther...



i'm feeling dpressed beyond belief lately. i feel alone even online i'm ignored...
i have lost intrest in all my hobbies, i no longer have any desire or insperation to write and sleep is the only repite left from my pain even as brief as it is...

some one....anyone i need to talk...please?

                                                                  Truth…a lie?


What is truth? Is truth the true meaning or an illusion of ones mind?  

Truth is different to each individual… if so is truth an illusion?

Each individual has his or her version of what is truth but what if we are all wrong?

What if what we see, hear, smell, feel and taste is but a lie?

Can such a thing be true more so than what we believe…. if so reality could be but an illusion itself… our world a lie…

But who or what could be capable of deluding us for so long… or could we be deluding ourselves?

Such thoughts invade my mind of late… could I be going mad…or could I be having a moment of true clarity?

Such thoughts are madness…or could they be a stroke of genius?  I have been asking myself odd questions on such matters.  

Why do I exist? For what purpose is my existence? Do I have some role to play and if so what is it?

Many have asked such questions.. but still none have answers…

Such thoughts have become a strange obsession… I cannot stop now. I feel I am close to finding the answers I seek…

But the answers evade my grasp time and time again. But still I feel…close.

I will find the conclusion even if i…go mad in the process.

                              A-list chapter 5 book 4 infinaticom series

                                      Bishop crossover the letter man from beyond

Ed walked into roy mustangs office annoyed turning around in his chair roy gestured ed to sit.

As ed sat down roy closed the curtains behind him peering around suspiciously ed giving him a strange look “what’s got you so paranoid” he asked.

Roy reached into his uniform pocket and pulled out a letter in an envelope “this arrived for you.”

Ed took the letter and turned it in his hands, it was a white so pure it could be seen unusually well even in the newly darkened room, there was a symbole of a cross with angel wings that wore a post mans hat complete with a angels halo above it the words “letters from beyond angel delivery service east branch 1856 charity grove heaven db.”

Ed looked up skeptical “is this a joke?” ed opened the envelope inside was a letter on equally white paper.

Dear: Edward how have you and al been? I miss you both so much, I know my passing must have been hard for you the most. You and your brother must have grown so much since I last saw you, unfortunately I can’t say much since its against the rules but my little genius I have one request, if you see von hohenheim  tell him I’m sorry…I couldn’t…keep my promise.

Sincerely tricia elric

                                                    Bishop cross over night time show pt 1

                                           Roy mustang vs voculst vampire rock n roll legend

Roy mustang walked through the streets of central deep in thought, the night was quiet with a gentle breeze.  Roy stopped and peered about suspiciously his eyes locked on the street to his right where a faint strange sound could be heard. Roy listened as the sound grew louder, it was….music?

“fiiiiiiiiirrrreeeeeee! Baby!  Give me the heat lite my fire. Nothings more sweet than a true fighters burning desireeeee! The rock n roll legend eternally born there is a hole in your heart baby I feel what you mourn.”

Roy scanned his souroundings his eyes spotted a man standing on a parked car wearing a bizzare outfit with long 80s hair metal hair and extreamly pale skin.

Roy smirked “ a little early for halloween isn’t it.”

The man raised his left hand to the sky as a flame in a near by lamp jumped to his hand becoming a satanic looking guitar with flames for strings and two bat wings at the end of the handle “vampire legend sound slave!!!”  

some things in this world seem to make no sense to me.
here is part 1 of a list open for discussion of things that make no sense and piss me off.
1. counting cards at a casino is illegal?
this makes no sense due to the fact that counting cards is a fancy way of saying someone is using math calculating to win money...
i fail to see the problem with using the math they teach you in "school" to use statistics to know what the other players have!!! since when is using math illegal?!

2. racial stereo types in cartoons
it's not racist if it's true people. although not true with all stereo types shown, i do not find showing a Arab wielding a scimitar or African cannibals racist. since these were once things these races did it is not racist! the world will not be nor has it ever been made of rainbows and unicorns so stop the shit.

part 2 coming soon...
i'm feeling dpressed beyond belief lately. i feel alone even online i'm ignored...
i have lost intrest in all my hobbies, i no longer have any desire or insperation to write and sleep is the only repite left from my pain even as brief as it is...

some one....anyone i need to talk...please?


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brandon toy
United States
i tend to be a bit dark but that tends to happen when you've been state property all your life. i recently took up a hobby that allows me to make torture machines from wood, steel and cloth. i hate trolls, bullies ect and will root for the under dog when no one else will. i am a satanist and am very open minded about politics and religion. if you are stressed i will listen to your fears, hates whatever if it will help you destress. i have multiple mental illnesses and have been called crazy and a psychopath by the normies...but in my oppinion being normal is so.....boring....and who is considered normal anymore anyways? huh?

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Thanks for the watch
viralcode666 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015
no problem. i'm also very impressed by your art talent. i look forward to more wonders from you my ma-vish.
DEVILPIRATEFAN2 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015
To everyone who receives this message I am sending it from the DA app hence why I could not send it as a note I wished to tell you that I will be gone for a short period due to my computer having broken why I am bothering you with such a pointless comment is simple only those I consider as friends here on DA will be receiving this now many of you hate me while the others ignore me and there are the few that truly like me to those in the first two categories you have every reason to feel or do these actions i did or said something that ruined our friendship and to that I apologize I only wish I could've been the friend you deserved for all of you are amazing people who I don't deserve as friends and in truth without all of you I would've killed myself a long time ago and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart I hope this message might repair what I have broken and if it does not at least I tried so now I will let you all carry on with your lives and if I don't come back online after a long period of time then as my parting words I say once more thanks for making my insignificant life worth living a little while longer goodbye
viralcode666 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015
no life is insignificant... well... unless your a jahova witness. i'll be here when you return comrade.
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not a problem. i always watch a fellow da-vish comrad. test anything good lately? i create video games my self you know and i also do a lot of video game hacks. 
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